Trailer Towing

DVSA B+E Trailer Towing

Course Overview

Anyone who has passed their standard car B driving test after 1st January 1997 are required by law to take a further test to tow trailers or caravans. B+E is the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) practical driving test for car and trailer. This includes council and utilities personnel, forestry workers, caravan owners, horse-box owners, boat owners, young farmers.

Successfully passing this test allows a driver to tow a trailer up to a gross weight (trailer plus load) of 3500kg.(3.5 tons) This means a vehicle and trailer with a gross train weight of 7,500kg.(7.5 tons)
No medical examination or additional theory test is required. The test is regarded by the DVSA as the first step to driving Large Goods Vehicles and is examined accordingly.

The object of this practical driving course is to train the delegate to attain the standard and pass the additional trailer category B+E car & trailer DVSA driving test. In addition to the trailer manoeuvring exercises the candidate must show the examiner competency on the highway including junctions, roundabouts, lane control, mirror routines, hill starts, downhill starts, angled starts etc. At some point during the test you will be asked a number of preset questions called ‘show me, tell me’ which must be answered either verbally or practically demonstrated.

Outline of the DVSA B&E Trailer Towing

There are several training options.
You will need a current driving licence to book a test. (Both paper counterpart and photo card)
Option 1-
1 day training course for two people with your own 4×4 and suitable trailer or our trailer (you can find the vehicle requirements by logging onto Then you will book and attend test date yourself. We can also quote as 1-1 tuition only.
Option 2-
2 days one to one training including the test day ( maximum 12 hours per person) using our trailer but your own vehicle for the training and test day inclusive. Our instructor will take you to the test centre on day 3 for your test.


The duration of the test is about an hour and a half. This driving test takes the candidate through a number of different exercises including a reversing exercise, coupling, uncoupling and a controlled stop. All delegates will receive individual tuition in all the exercises and disciplines required to complete the test successfully.

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