CSCS Health, Safety and Environment

The CITB Health, safety & environment (HS&E) test helps to raise standards across the industry and ensures workers have a minimum level of health, safety and environmental awareness before going on site

Who is it for?

The HS&E test is for any operative who wishes to work on or enter a construction site. It is more frequently a requirement of Main contractors, public bodies and private developers alike as better practice is further developed in the construction industry.


The test has 50 multiple-choice questions including 12 behavioural case study questions about how you should conduct yourself on a construction site to stay safe and 38 knowledge questions to check your awareness of health, safety and environment issues.

Different tests have been developed to meet the demands of different trades and professions. You will need to make sure that you take and prepare for the right one.

You will need to resit this test to keep up with industry updates, this test is a pre-requisite for any CPCS plant operator training and plant renewal tests.

There are a number of different strains of the test for operatives, supervisors and specialist activites, if you are unsure which test you require contact us, advice is free.

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